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The Lair of the Vermicious Kanid
Links that YOU may enjoy!


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These are links, use them, see them, experience them.

Mr. T resource page, fool!

Mr. T is one bad mutha!
Mr. T beating the crap out of most everyone!

The Mr. T Toughness Test.

The Billy Dee Williams Smoothness Test!

Norm's website. Norm is ok when he isn't around Chadd

The Weirdo Zone. Where the finer things in life are appreciated!

Sound Advice. Some band Norm and Chadd likes. Never heard of em'.

A cool site about vegetables. That sing.

Wrasslin' oh, yeah!



Official Playstation (U.S.): A great refrence for hardware and games, also good for pricing.

Absolute Playstation: A great place for info and cheats for the Playstation and Playstation 2

Gamespot: A pay site that has some free info on all types of games; great for reviews!

Gamesages: A pay/free site with info on codes and guides, some free stuff, some not.

Treasure Island...... a place where no one ever goes anymore.(Message Board)