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The Lair of the Vermicious Kanid
Vacation Photo Album


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Here are some pictures from a recent vacation I took.

Stop to smell the roses, and use the facilities!

This picture was take in at a rest area in Virginia on my way across the country.

For some reason people didn't want to buy from me, I don't know why.

Another picture of me, this time at an Amway function.

Not a good day for evil. I shouldn't have asked for directions.

I was on this trip around the U.S. and was in L.A. to try to find my hero Mr. T, but instead found a beating.

Family, how am I to know? They were here first.

Don't these people look happy?

Scarry Chick! ahhhhhhh!

This chick tried to pick me up while at a Burger King in Iowa. Yuk!

Smoking is so evil even I wouldn't try that!

Here is a picture of the new R.J.R. mascott, Tar-y the chimp.