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The Lair of the Vermicious Kanid
Family Photo Album


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These are some of my favorite photos from all time.

Who wants a whippin'!

Here's a picture of me. Go ahead, download it. I know you want to.

Favorite Catch-phrase?

Snazzy lookin' dude in a tux!

This picture came with the web site. I kept it because the man looks snazzy!

Uncle Fred and cousin Jim-Bo. Keepin' it real!

My uncle Fred and cousin Jim-Bo. Kickin' it "old school".

Mr. T's van is fast fool!

And who can forget Mr. T's van.

Dork-Boy Brian

Then there was this nim-rod, Brian. He began as one of my most trusted minions but fell away when he became involved with some girl we referred to as "black coffee".

Brian's only catch-phrase.

Capp em'!

One of my favorites. Chadd is trying to act cool and is about to be capped by his teammate for his stupidity.

Tuff, yeah right! Maybe to load on a truck!

Chadd is trying to look tough, trying.

Champ Dorko!

This was me before I decided to be the "evil twin".

Below you will notice 2 pics of my twin Chadd. The "before & after" Chadd. Much like Oprah he was slim, then not, then slimming down again.

Chadd's most often heard catch-phrase.

After, and doing some stupid dance!

Before. Chaddy-not-so-fatty?

This is MY pics page. You may have some if you like, but remember to share!