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The Lair of the Vermicious Kanid
Some Call Him Chadd...


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Some call him fool!

Here are a few interesting things about my brother/nemesis.
The one commonly referred to as Chadd, or The Lonewolf.

The Lone Wolf/Chadd/Chaddy Mac/The Shmak, Whatever you want to call him this week.

This is him.
Yes that is all there is to him.
He is a complex mass of simplicity.
A good deal of nothing stacked on top of a big pile of "not much".

Information on Chadd

From FOX TV's "When Chadds Attack!"

Chadd in another sad attempt to get someone to pay attention to him. He is attacking poor Norm, who has just returned from the rest room. Still quite disoriented, he cannot fight back.

Can't buy me love, but I can steal me some!

To the right is Chadd attacking an unknown female. STILL seeking affection he seeks out the first victim of opportunity. By the look on the victim's face she has no idea what is happening or the severity of the situation.

Chadd Wars II - The Norm Strikes Back

<---- Norm fights back with the skill of a jungle cat, as you can see he strike Chadd swiftly in one of Chadd's many "weak spots", the throat. !!!!CAUTION!!!! The area around Chadd's throat is in fact a weak point if struck correctly. Over years of constantly talking without end the voice box has become so strong that it not only could live without Chadd, it would probably have more fun and be invited to more parties. Therefore you must strike between the voice box and chin(s).

Chadd and his loyal followers. The Chadd(Huddle House) World Order.

Huddle House World Order, would you like fries with that?

Huddle House World Order. Not much can be said about them due to their mysterious nature. They never come out during daylight hours. From Left: Doris, long thought to be the reason that the HHWO was started due to her enthusiasm of all things "Chadd". Chuck "The Grilla Of Vanilla", the hired muscle, rumor has it that he can cook an entire 20 pound turkey in under 90 seconds. Mabel, the brains of the operation, the namer/creator of the "Chaddy-Mac Combo", 4 1/4 pound beef patties in a large roll, sided with 2lbs of fries, 7 strips of bacon, 4 eggs, and 2 large waffles. All with a 52oz Mountain Dew, no ice.

"Pimpin' ain't easy", but I guess you have to start somewhere.

Chadd is currently calculating a plan to make himself the mayor of Dillsboro. Upon his election he will immediately expand the "Huddle House" to a 240 square acre training/restaurant facility and aptly rename it the "Huddle House Restaurant and Training Facility". With the railroad junction in that area he will be able to extend his influence to the outlying areas.

Click here to see Chadd mugging some poor unsuspecting victim.

Click to see Chadd's poor excuse for a dance.

Click here to see Chadd's poor pick-up lines at work.

More information will be added when available.