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Welcome to Lair of the Vermicious Kanid!

Do not anger the Vermicious Kanid, for you are crunchy, and delicious when topped with cheese wiz


MORE Stuff That Rocks

* Krispy Kreme doughnuts! (Caution. May contain traces of peanut, sugar, lard, pork fat, vanilla...)

* The Ataris. A punk band with a catchy name, check out My So Called Life. It's cool! (Caution! May cause to "rock out" a condition looked down upon by most pyhsicans!)

* Online Cartoons!. (Caution! Will slant your view of things!)

* Skateboarding. (Caution! You will still hurt yourself doing this!)

* Playstation 2 now only $179. (Now cheaper than ever!)

* More to come!



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You may ask yourself "Whatever possesed me to come to this site when I could be checking out a bucket of chicken?" But let me answer that question with another question, what were you doing that was so important that you ended up here anyway?

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My influences through the years have been:

This is your brain on drugs!
I have been smoking crack all day long!

Mr. Bean who is a comedic genius.

Mr. T is back do what he does best!

Mr. T says:

Mr. T
He is back on my "nice guy" list.
The Toughest Man in the World has come
back to straighten things out.

I Wanna Be Like Mr. T... a cool mp3, worth the wait for a true Mr. T fan!

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What's New?!? The insolence of such a question!

And you thought I waited a long time to put up the last update! Well there have been some changes since last update. IWA is so dead and gone I had to look up on my site to see what it used to be like! Chadd's site is dead. Chadd is not. Chadd has moved to some small town towards the east side of the state. He is doing well and I hope to see him on the 4th of July. Forgotten what HTML even is. Bought a new PC. Along with a few other things. More to come, later. VK
Ok, so I've been gone a while. Yeah, I know. IWA forever... blah blah... No more IWA. Updates to this page will not be as frequent as before due to the fact that my time constraints are more and internet access less. Anyway, check out the link above. It looks like it will be rather cool. I like the way the wrestler roster is set up with the pictures, now if we could get some decent bios on them.
Until later, VK.
Things change; the seasons, the weather, the time(NOT MORRIS DAY!), peoples attitude, my underwear.... you get the point. One thing that never changes is the fact that the IWA is here to stay! That and Chadd's site, he hardly updates! Of course, I am not much better. Check out "MORE Stuff that Rocks" to your left! Also updated my liks page, I'm getting the hang of this HTML stuff. See ya soon!

This summer get ready to respect yo Mama!

Mmmm, gimmie some more of dat tasty milk!

Mr. T doing what he does best. Drinking milk and teachin' kids to respect their mammas. No fool tossin' at this time. Thank you, please drive thru.

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